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  1. Prime members can save $10 on this well-rated AUKEY mechanical keyboard | Android Central   19 Aug 2019
    This keyboard has excellent reviews, and we've never posted a better deal for it.
  2. I wrote a story with increasing levels of keyboard input delay   13 Aug 2019
    When I saw Monica Dinculescu’s "How annoying is too annoying" input delay test page, I knew I had to give it a shot to see how patient I could be with my beloved keyboarding hobby.
  3. Cerebras Systems' new deep-learning chip is as big as your keyboard, and the largest ever | PCWorld   19 Aug 2019
    Cerebras Systems announces the largest chip ever made: its trillion-transistor chip is a neural-network processor that measures inches on a side and requires water cooling.
  4. Hackers can figure out passwords just from the sound of typing | The Independent   19 Aug 2019
    Hackers can figure out a person’s password by simply listening to them type on a keyboard, cyber security according to a new study.  Using the microphone found on a smartphone, the new method is so effective that it can be carried out in a noisy public space where multiple people are typing, researchers at Southern Methodist University in Texas found.  They discovered the
  5. iOS 13: How to use the QuickPath swipe keyboard | Macworld   15 Aug 2019
    One of Android's most popular features finally comes to iOS.
  6. Hackers Could Steal Personal Info By 'Listening' To Your Keyboard, Alarming Study Finds   19 Aug 2019
    As if you needed another cybersecurity issue to worry about, a new study finds that it's possible for hackers to use your smartphone's sensor to intercept the sound of your keyboard typing.
  7. Dell Brings Alienware's "Legendary" Design to Gaming Mice, Keyboard, and Monitors | Digital Trends   19 Aug 2019
    Dell unveiled a slew of gaming accessories that come styled in Alienware's new for 2019 "Legend" design language. In addition to a sleek black-and-white look, these monitors, mechanical keyboards, and gaming mice also come with performance bumps, making them more responsive and fast.
  8. This Kickstarter keyboard uses magnets to make every key pressure-sensitive   01 Aug 2019
    Input Club, the keyboard startup behind the WhiteFox, is Kickstarting a new project. The Keystone is the company’s first keyboard to make use of its new Silo switches, which use magnets to make every one of their switches analog.

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