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  1. The top wireless mechanical keyboards for a more tactile typing experience   18 Sep 2020
    Mechanical keyboards offer enhanced haptics to standard typing. Here are some of our favorite wireless mechanical keyboards on the market.
  2. Beginner's guide: Learn how to play a keyboard   19 Sep 2020
    Keyboard is one of the best instruments to start with if you've recently ventured into music
  3. Logitech announces the Folio Touch keyboard and trackpad for iPad Air 4 | iMore   16 Sep 2020
    Planning on buying a new iPad Air? Logitech has a new keyboard for you to check out as well.
  4. Windows 10 is getting a new touch keyboard with GIFs, emoji, and better voice typing   02 Sep 2020
    Microsoft is improving its touch keyboard for Windows 10. It will soon include a GIF picker, a better design, and even the ability to move the cursor around with the spacebar.
  5. Best keyboards in 2020: From mechanical to minimal, the top options compared | ZDNet   17 Sep 2020
    Finding yourself spending more time working from your home office? Time to kit it out with quality keyboards so you can get more work done in less time while also keeping your joints -- especially wrists and shoulders -- healthy.
  6. What is salahg?   17 Sep 2020
    In the Windows task manager I found a process salahg. Searching the Internet I found a good site with information about this file. ...
  7. Best Ergonomic Keyboard 2020 | Android Central   18 Sep 2020
    As the number of hours that are spent on a keyboard extends, it's important to be comfortable. That includes how your arms and wrists are positioned at the keyboard. These are the best ergonomic keyboards to help you achieve the best posture and be as comfortable as possible while click-clacking away at the keyboard.
  8. Best iPad (2020) Keyboard Cases 2020 | iMore   18 Sep 2020
    Using one of the best iPad keyboard cases can streamline your work and make your iPad more laptop-like. While an iPad isn't a laptop, with one of these keyboard cases, it's pretty close.
  9. Logitech debuts new Folio Touch keyboard with trackpad for iPad Air | Appleinsider   15 Sep 2020
    Logitech has debuted a new keyboard with trackpad folio for the fourth-generation iPad Air that was announced on Tuesday.

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